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Passengers reveal the dumbest things that stopped them at security – and you probably got them too

PASSENGERS on social media have revealed their dumbest items they’ve had confiscated while traveling through the airport.

Many travelers have shared their own experiences following a tweet from the TSA revealing the massive amount of confiscated liquids at an airport in the US – many of which are food you may not realize.

Travelers have revealed the dumbest things they've confiscated at the airport


Travelers have revealed the dumbest things they’ve confiscated at the airportCredit: Twitter/@TSA_Northeast

This is due to liquid rules which require all liquids to be under 100ml – otherwise they are prohibited in hand luggage.

One man said they must have thrown away their unfinished oatmeal because it had “too much liquid” in it.

Someone else chimed in, “I got pulled out of airport security because apparently hummus is a ‘liquid’.”

Another person had the same problem: “I’ll never forget the German airport security guard who threw away my hummus insisting it was a liquid.”

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A Briton said: “I had an argument at Manchester airport over Branston Pickle, I was working in France and I was in the mood for it so I tried to pack it in hand luggage.

“They insisted it was a liquid, I argued it was weighed in grams and therefore not liquid. B******* took it away from me.

Another woman wrote: “Me and 4 of my friends are the Nutella jar in the back.

“We literally ate 3/4 of a pot outside security at UK Gatwick airport because we didn’t know it was a liquid and we were sick the whole flight to Dublin.”

One guy called it a ‘jam scam’, saying: ‘My guy got busted because a jar of jam counted as cash and they confiscated the jam and then we noticed they were selling the same jam at the airport.”

The other confiscated food was peanut butter, with one woman writing: “Today while going through airport security I learned that peanut butter counts as a liquid.

One of the most popular things taken? Cooking pot.

Someone traveling at Bristol Airport wrote: ‘Security stole my cooking pot as apparently it’s a liquid.’

It’s not just food either – many beauty products can stop you too, as one woman tweeted: ‘Mom got arrested because Vaseline in a can is considered a liquid.’

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One clever way is to order toiletries via click and collect, and collect them after security, while another hack is to pour beauty products onto cotton pads so they aren’t runny but can be used.

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Slimy foods will often get you stopped at security if they exceed 100ml - including spreads and toiletries


Slimy foods will often get you stopped at security if they exceed 100ml – including spreads and toiletriesCredit: Alamy

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