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Philips 1080p ultra-short-throw projector promises an 80-inch image

Ultra short throw Philips Screeneo U4

While companies like sony and Epson strive to bring giant cinema-caliber projectors into the home, Philips is taking the opposite approach with compact alternatives that create big images from smaller hardware, like its new 1080p Screeneo U4 ultra short throw this looks no bigger than a shoebox.

If you’re seriously considering switching permanently from a TV to a projector in your living room or home theater, ultra-short-throw projectors are a more practical solution, as there’s no risk of someone getting up to go to the toilet and be blinded by bright lighting. beam of light emanating from the bottom of the room. One downside to the ultra short lane is that these projectors are usually very large and very expensive, but the Philips Screeneo U4 is neither.

Weighing three pounds and measuring just 8.8 inches on its longest side, Philips claims the Screeneo U4 can project an 80-inch image at a distance of about 12 inches from a wall, or a 60-inch image at only 7.7 inches away. However, one of the most important metrics of the projector is the lumens, or the amount of light it can actually throw onto a wall or screen. For the Philips Screeneo U4, that’s a bit of a disappointment at 400 lumens, which means for a decent level of contrast and brightness, you’ll only really want to use it in a dark room if you’re hoping to get an extra picture. 60 inches.

Philips Screeneo U4 | Ultra Short Throw Projector

Many all-in-one compact projectors now come with Google TV and wifi so that out of the box they can access content on all major streaming platforms. The Screeneo U4 doesn’t, and instead encourages users to opt for a streaming dongle, like a Chromecast, for one of the projector’s two HDMI ports, which can be powered by the single USB port located right next to it. ‘them.

A pair of 15-watt speakers are built into the Screeneo U4, which is another advantage over using an ultra-short-throw projector that sits in the front of a room, but users can also choose to connect wireless headphones or a pair of wireless speakers. via Bluetooth, assuming they’re ok with a slight lag between the audio and what’s happening on screen. Other features include a built-in camera, allowing the projector to automatically correct focus and perform keystone corrections, and an LED light source that promises 30,000 hours of use.

Philips is going the crowdfunding route to bring the Screeneo U4 ultra-short-throw projector to consumers via Indiegogo (the usual crowdfunding disclaimers apply here, though the risk is minimal given that Philips has been around for 130 years) and its best feature is undoubtedly a 50% discount for early backers, bringing the price to around $630. That makes it one of the cheapest ultra-short-throw projectors you can buy, and a tempting upgrade assuming you get the discount. With a total price that will be well over $1,000 after shipping begins in August, you’ll probably want to go for a projector with more lumens than the Screeneo U4, even if you have to sacrifice the convenience of its ultra-short feature. focal.

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