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Royce Lewis has again been diagnosed with a ruptured ACL and is due for season-ending surgery

The twins announced to reporters, including’s Do-Hyoung Parkthis Royce Lewis has a partial tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, the same ligament he had surgically repaired last year, which will require another surgery. The estimated recovery time is 12 months.

This is brutal news for Lewis and the team as the youngster already went through this whole process a year ago. It was in February last year that Lewis first underwent the procedure which wiped out his entire 2021 season. This year he was able to complete the long journey to health and has shown d huge signs of promise in the first months of the season.

With Carlos Correa Missing some time this year, Lewis was able to make his major league debut. Although he was picked when Correa returned, he ultimately returned with the goal of being some sort of super utility player, not letting Correa’s presence stop him from entering the lineup. Such a plan was feasible because Lewis was hitting so incredibly well the year. In 12 MLB games, he hit .300/.317/.550 for a 148 wRC+, while also slashing .313/.405/.534 in Triple-A for a 151 wRC+.

Unfortunately, on the very day of his recall, he left the game with a bone bruise in his right knee, which will now end his season. Unlike his recovery from surgery last year, Lewis will be on the major league injured reserve, qualifying him for MLB pay and duty time. Since he was in the minors for the first month of the season and then another period when he was drafted in May, he will not earn a full year of service. He will still have a chance of achieving Super Two status and qualifying for refereeing after the 2024 season, although future optional assignments could change that trajectory as well. For his part, Lewis seems to remain positive about the whole situation, tell the park that he is not afraid of the operation because he has already been through it.

For the Twins, they will now be without one of their most exciting young players, who was able to cover shortstop Carlos Correa but also spent time at third base and in the outfield in order to get in in the lineup when Correa was healthy. . Correa’s contract gives him the option to opt out at the end of this year, which he is expected to do. Many saw Lewis as the heir apparent to the shortstop, with his bantering to other positions a temporary measure just for this season. Now the club will likely enter the winter with less certainty about their shortstop situation next year, with the potential that neither Correa nor Lewis will fill the job on Opening Day 2023.

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