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Save up to 60% on LG Tone Free headphones

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We’ve seen plenty of great tech deals lately, ranging from deep discounts around Memorial Day to ongoing deals for Father’s Day. Now, the budding TikTok store has joined the party with some amazing deals on the well-regarded LG Tone Free TWS (True Wireless) line of headphones. It should be noted here that these discounts are exclusive to the TikTok store. This means that you will have to download TikTok in order to take advantage of the ridiculous discounts. But when you save 60% on some of the best headphones out there, is that really a lot of effort? Let’s take a look at the products in question to see how great these offers are.

LG Tone Free headphones deals: save up to 60%

We’ll start with what these different headphones have in common and then move on to the different features. Luckily, the best bits are shared between the LG Tone Free FN4 and the FN7, the specs shared by the two are as follows:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery life: 6 hours per charge (110 mAh)
  • Charging case battery capacity: 390 mAh (18 hours of battery life for headphones)
  • IPX4 rated protection (water resistant)
  • Drivers tuned with Meridian sound

Those are already pretty impressive specs, especially considering the huge discounts TikTok gave us on the LG Tone Free headphones. However, what exactly separates the FN4 from the FN7? Let’s take a closer look because it’s actually quite interesting and a unique feature, as far as we know at least.

The LG Tone Free FN7 are equipped with LG’s own UVnano disinfection technology. This new feature takes the form of a pair of UV lamps in the charging case. These turn on automatically when the headphones are inserted and the case is closed. UVnano technology then disinfects the earbuds in ten minutes. This allegedly kills 99.9% of bacteria on the earbuds, which is an especially great feature for the more health-conscious. This fun feature is great, but the TWO LG Tone Free headphones here offer some of the best ANC (active noise cancellation) you can get in terms of TWS headphones.

The FN7 and FN4 feature LG’s industry-leading ANC technology. This uses microphones mounted on the outside of the headphones to monitor outside noise, after some cheesy algorithms that we don’t understand, they then broadcast the opposite frequencies through the driver in real time. This effectively cancels outside noise. The magnitude of this can be controlled via a mobile app, allowing for as much or as little noise as you want.

These offers expire at the end of this week, so act fast otherwise the big saving will pass you by,

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