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Seven games like Escape From Tarkov

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Escape From Tarkov is the hardcore session-based shooter that made sure the gear you use matters. It’s a game that brings incredible frustration, but incredible reward and dopamine hit when you get that sweet kill, as well as extracting incredible loot.

With its explosive rise in 2020, many gamers have found they have an appetite for high-risk, high-reward gameplay. So much so that there are now more and more games on the way with hardcore session-based game design in mind. If you want to try more games like Escape from Tarkov and you don’t know where to start, we will guide you to these games.

Games like Escape From Tarkov

The first games on this list will be games focused on the session-based, high-stakes gameplay you know from EFT. There are quite a few games like this released or about to launch. After that, we list some games that have features like Escape From Tarkov but have different game mechanics.

Hunt: Confrontation

Hunting Showdown
Image via Crytek.

Hunt Showdown sits at the top of the list as it was the only other game released before the massive explosion of Escape From Tarkov. The game itself takes you to the swamps of Louisiana, with cowboys on the hunt for PvPvE items.

What makes Hunt: Showdown a game like EFT is that your weapons and characters are in play. As you get into games, you have your characters that have their own quirks. But if they die out there in the bayou, then they’re gone for good. Part of the game is that the character you’re working hard on will eventually die, along with any cool weapons you’ve stumbled upon. In some ways, it’s even more hardcore than Escape From Tarkov.

It also places more emphasis on PvE gameplay. There are bosses you can eliminate to complete the mission. But taking down a boss and trying to get the rewards from it will let other players know what you’re up to. The reality of the situation so you have to experience the PvPvE element to get the most out of the game and all the stories that come with it.


How To Play Marauders Beginner's Guide
Image via Team 17.

Marauders is the newest addition to the list thanks to its very clear EFT gameplay, perhaps one of the games most suited to the Escape From Tarkov vibe. It’s 100% a hardcore PvEvP shooter; However, you lose the forests and coastal cities of Russia to the dark corners of Earth’s solar system.

The game itself is set in the 1980s, except World War II was fought too harshly and killed the planet. Now, those left are battling in a dieselpunk space age, filled with WWII-era weaponry alongside starships and rust bucket stations.

In Marauders, you’ll punch through space stations and enemy spaceships, and even pilot your own spaceship and navigate them in session-based games. Feel free to shoot down other players, bases or bored ships and fight and collect your loot just like you would in Escape From Tarkov. It is definitely an interesting release on the list of games like Tarkov, and a gamer should check it out.

As of this writing, he has only recently left a attesting closed bet. So, keep your eyes peeled for more information as the game receives more beta testing and heads towards its release date.

The cycle

the gamescom cycle
Image via YAGER.

The Cycle is another space version of session-based PvP games, which recently launched its full game as a free game. However, this varies considerably, as The Cycle promises much more open instances, which can stay open for hours, rather than the small sessions you see in Tarekov. Here, players can repeatedly head into the same mission area, giving them the option to take revenge on them or complete the mission they started on.

More so, the game has a roguelike aspect to it. Extracting your resources from the surface of the planet offers players the opportunity to improve their character and their account. It provides players with some form of rogue-lite experience in that regard, giving them room to progress even when games are going a bit poorly for them. This means there’s a better set of safety if you have a bad luck frenzy while you’re deeper in the progression, rather than feeling like you have to go back to the start.


Image via Unlikely Worlds Limited.

Scavengers is the first game on the list that strays further from the Escape from Tarkov formulas but retains enough of them to deserve a mention. The game plays more like a Battle Royale, with a frost storm forcing players to move more and more to a central location with an extraction point, but make no mistake, as the meta progression is getting better. very much akin to a Tarkov like progression system.

Rather than losing your items account-wide as you would in a typical Tarkov-like experience, you’ll find that there are things you want to collect in games. There are a variety of resources and items that you want to remove from the session you are playing. Successfully extracting them from a game will then add them to your account balance. This means you can upgrade your weapons, armor, and more with them, allowing you to progress through the tech tree and strengthen the class you want to play.

Therefore, there is always that instance-based risk that comes with Escape from Tarkov-like games. It’s just not as bad of an inventory loss as some others. You’ll still have to take risks and fight players for more resources and the usual theory that goes into the Tarkov session, albeit with a skin closer to a battle royale game.

Unfortunately, the game is kinda dead right now. But, it’s worth mentioning, so others know for the future that this is another game that tried session-based gameplay with hardcore rules behind it.


DayZ 1.18 Update
Image via Bohemia Interactive.

DayZ is perhaps the first hardcore game that inspired the hardcore persistent loot genre and brought the most extreme version of survival games to market. There’s no doubt it will inspire the Tarkov-esque genre, and here’s why.

The DayZ game consists of playing a character on a server. This character will then be your character that your travel around the server will make. You will use the loot you have access to on this server. It is then your job to make sure you lose that gear, as you don’t have a default non-session based stash. Instead, you’ll need to build bases and store your gear where other players won’t find it. As they can then steal your loot if they can get their hands on me, or take it away if they wish,

There is also a PvE element to the game, which is very familiar to those who play EFT-like games. In DayZ, the world is filled with zombies around lootable areas, whether military sites, dynamic events, or residential parts of the map. Hordes in the area can pick you up if they understand you are racketeering. This adds to the intrigue for players as they can determine where players are based on PvE activity. He certainly got the high, high-risk reward from Tarkov, though the game is slightly different.

It’s also worth mentioning that Bohemia Interactive is actively working on standalone DayZ like with the recent explosive update, and then there are the mod builds for Arma. All in all, there is plenty to eat.


Image via RocketWerkz.

Icarus is the most unlikely addition to the roster as the game is not a hardcore PvP game. Instead, this game is a PvE session-based survival game with bases and inventory cleared after every mission in a great reversal of session-based gameplay.

However, layers will find themselves getting better gear that persists over time, while what they do in session are short-term gains and losses. You’ll naturally level up as you play through the game or complete missions, then use your unlocks through your RPG character level to get more goodies through talents, blueprints, and mission competition rewards . It allows you to enter deeper sessions in the game with better items to then face the threats that come with it. Somehow it’s like stepping up through the labs, knowing that you now have the stuff you’ve invested in for the long haul to handle this scenario.

If you’re looking for something a little cooler with a Tarkov-like experience, Icarus might be the piece for you.

The day before

The day before

The Day Before is an upcoming hardcore survival game, set in a zombie-infested world. The game is set to release on March 1, 2023 and will allow players to dive into an MMO-like world, similar to that of DayZ.

The object of the game is for players to play on these servers and attempt to rebuild the collapsed world. However, the game is hardcore and will experience a high concentration of loot from both areas of the game, other players and the infected themselves. It has all the hardcore salvage elements from games like the Tarkov franchise.

The only thing that makes it different is that there is no session-based main menu that you return to. Instead, there’s a Survivor Colony that serves as the game’s main hub. Here, you’ll be able to trade items with players and NPCs, and get other goodies we don’t yet know about. So there’s an MMO-like feature that’s akin to the traders feature of Tarkov, plus being able to see other players outside of session-based gameplay.

Thus, there are certainly many experiences related to the EFT and DayZ genres, serving perhaps as one of the best bridges between the two genres through social features. Once the game is fully released we will know more about this and what EFT is all about.

Do you have any other games like Escape From Tarkov worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below!

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