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Spoilers for EastEnders: Kat’s big wedding surprise is revealed

In a future EastEnders episode, Lily (Lilia Turner) decides to cheer up Kat (Jessie Wallace) after noticing that she is upset. She suggests that they show Kat some love, and Stacey (Lacey Turner) decides to give her a party before the nuptials.

Prior to the wedding, Phil (Steve McFadden) gives Kat a gorgeous and heartfelt gift.

When Kat learns that Lily and Stacey organized the celebration, she is moved. They all love trying on questionable bridesmaid outfits that Big Mo (Laila Morse) provided them, who is obviously still engaging in her customary shady business dealings.

Lily tells Stacey she has one more surprise planned while Kat heads upstairs to look on her wedding dress, but when Kat finds out what Lily has done, she is outraged and horrified that Lily has been intruding in her personal life.

What possibly could Lily have done to arouse such a fury? And what will happen to Kat as a result?

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