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Spoilers for Emmerdale: A shocked Priya is fired by a drug-fueled Leyla

Leyla’s getting desperate 

Problems for Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) on Emmerdale keep piling up since Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) was revealed to be the one who gave Holly money to buy the drugs that killed her.

Business at Take A Vow is not doing well because Suzy no longer collaborates with Leyla and Priya (Fiona Wade). All of this causes the wedding industry to face severe financial concerns, and Leyla is compelled to take extreme measures to supplement her income—as well as her supply of cocaine. In exchange for money, she agrees to store drugs for drug dealer Callum, but she is surprised when he shows up with a much bigger bag of drugs than she had anticipated.

In the midst of all of these issues, Leyla makes a snap decision to dismiss Priya from the company.

It is unclear whether this is the result of Take A Vow being unable to pay the increased wages, Priya being too close to disclosing Leyla’s risky drug use, or simply the way Priya perceives Leyla. But Priya and her family are not likely to approve of the decision.

How much longer can Leyla survive as everything around her disintegrates?


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