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Tetsuya Nomura says he was tougher than Disney about Sora’s appearance in Smash Bros.

Sora’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. was a big moment for the series. As the latest DLC character in Nintendo’s epic crossover, the Kingdom Hearts hero’s appearance has finally filled years of fan speculation and dreams. It was also unexpected.

For many years, a Sora cameo was considered unlikely due to licensing restrictions related to working with Disney. But in a new interview with Game Informer, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura said that actually working with Disney was fine. It was Nomura himself who was strict.

“Obviously I was very happy that we got to make an appearance of Sora in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Most comments when Sora was [announced] for Smash Bros. Ultimate was, “I can’t believe Disney agreed to him being in this game.” Behind the scenes, I was actually the one who was very picky about his appearance in Smash Bros. Disney was the one saying, “Go for it!” It’s a great opportunity,'” says Nomura.

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