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The cheapest day of the week to fly and avoid long queues, according to travel expert Eoghan Corry

Sometimes booking a getaway abroad or at home can feel like a game of cat and mouse, trying to outsmart the algorithms to find the best deals. It turns out there’s a simple science to getting more for your money, according to travel expert Eoghan Corry who shares his tips for finding that summer holiday sweet spot.

In the new issue of RSVP Magazine, Eoghan explains the best day of the week to fly to avoid long lines and get the cheapest deal. It also shares the best vacation destinations for a great travel deal, and the perfect time to book your flight at the optimal price.

Speaking to RSVP, Eoghan explained: “It doesn’t matter which month you choose to fly, if you go mid-week it will cost you less, Tuesday and Wednesday in particular.

Travel Expert Eoghan Corry
Travel Expert Eoghan Corry

“If you have to go away for the weekend, funnily enough, a Saturday flight can be good value for money as most people travel on a Friday or Sunday.”

Eoghan explains that flight and hotel prices often fluctuate based on a simple system of supply and demand. As such, travelers should pay particular attention to random events that can upset the algorithm, such as sporting events for example: “It changes the whole dynamics of the price pattern for the week before and after.”

Aside from special events, in general terms, there are certain cardinal rules when it comes to getting the best vacation deal.

“July and August tend to be more expensive simply because of demand during school holidays and the shoulder seasons tend to be more advantageous. Oddly enough, winter can be expensive as flight availability decreases significantly.

“In order to find the right place for the best summer prices, you need to find the summer timetable – where there are many flights each day – without the summer demand – before the end of classes.

Cover of RSVP Magazine June 2022
Cover of RSVP Magazine June 2022

“That’s why May and June are summer’s secret weapons. September can be quite expensive as places like Spain and Portugal are much warmer in September than in June as it has warmed up all summer.

“What happens is that experienced people who don’t have kids like to travel in September and early October.

“June is the sweet spot, you’ll have a full schedule of seven/eight flights a day to Malaga, whereas you only have two in the winter. That’s where you get the best prices.”

For the rest of Eoghan’s expert travel tips, pick up a copy of RSVP magazine, on shelves now.

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