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Theory for Emmerdale: Kerry Wyatt will destroy the Woolpack in order to exact revenge on Chas

Kerry Wyatt of EMMERDALE appears to have reconciled with her cheating partner Al Chapman, but a fresh theory from contends that this could all be part of a larger strategy to reveal his relationship with Chas Dingle on the ITV soap opera.

In recent weeks on Emmerdale, Kerry (played by Laura Norton) has been perplexed by Al’s (Michael Wildman) cold approach to her, not understanding that his focus has been firmly on Chas (Lucy Pargeter). The couple broke up earlier this week because the businessman believed he could make his mistress fall in love with him on the ITV soap opera. However, it appeared that everything was forgiven in Friday’s episode as he reconciled with his partner, though it’s possible that she is already aware of his affair.

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) realized Kerry and Al were no longer a couple at the beginning of the most recent episode, and the vet said, “I’m so sorry.”

Kerry responded, dejected that yet another romance had ended: “I often pondered what he perceived in us. It turned out to be very minor.”

Paddy told her the following to stroke her ego: “You must never say that, period. You two just appeared to be so sturdy, or not. I’m not sure.”

“I guess I’m possessive. I was just pissed off because I drove all the way to the hotel wearing sexy attire. I had a go at him because I had been staring at the reception area for a while “Kerry clarified, referencing an incident from earlier in the week.

The well-liked character said, “It’s not that I don’t want to trust him, it’s just that with his record, I can’t help but think the worst.”

Before telling Chas, Paddy said to his friend, “If there is any doubt, he’s probably not the man for you.”

When Al broke the terms of their affair and began to feel affection for the Woolpack bar manager, she was furious.

Chas and the villain had their confrontation here, away from the village, where they had hoped they wouldn’t be seen.

Chas returned to the village to attempt to seduce her husband despite Al’s attempts to win her back.

The businessman, who now knew his choice was hasty, went back to Kerry’s house with his tail between his legs.

Al said, “Look, I would have come sooner but I was worried you weren’t going to forgive me,” as Kerry stood in the front room.

“Whoops, what? Backup, “In her response, Kerry gave the impression that she was aware that he was lying about his whereabouts and activities.

“I never intended any of those things. I was simply exhausted from the trip and jet lagged, and I was still in work mode. You know I can never turn off, “Al said while coercing his girlfriend.

“I’ve been thinking exclusively of you. Just for me, I caught your attention across the room and noticed your smile. I’m looking forward to your body touching mine “He went on.

Kerry said, appearing to believe Al’s account, “I mean, you could have just said that instead of calling us a Bunny Boiler.”

Now I’m saying it. I don’t want to break up with you, Kerry. Al continued, “I need you,” and Kerry soon led him upstairs.

There didn’t appear to be any more obstacles standing in their way now that the couple was back on track.

The businessman and Chas did, however, exchange a look before the closing credits, and the Woolpack resident then pulled her curtains.

The relationship appears to be over for the time being, but Kerry may already be aware of this as she could have accompanied Al to his meeting with Chas.

She would have discovered her man was cheating on her and how he didn’t seem to care about her if she had been listening in from a distance.

Kerry might have known she could use this to her advantage after learning the relationship was over and developing a revenge strategy in her head.

The beloved character might decide to confront Chas about attempting to steal her man in addition to taking Al for all he’s worth.

During the argument, neither of the characters could have known that Kerry would have unintentionally knocked over a candle that was part of the setup Chas had created for a special night with Paddy.

The two might not realize what is happening even after the flames have taken hold until they see smoke pouring into the bar.

Who would Al choose to risk his own life for if he went to try and save them? Whether they manage to escape or not would be a huge cliffhanger.

Al’s actor, Michael, has talked about how his character is unlikely to confess his transgressions, so he would need to be discovered.

The soap star said in a statement and other media: “I don’t think he’ll be honest, in my opinion.

“I’m not sure. There must come a point where he will confess to the person he cheated on. He eventually reaches a point in his current relationship where he realizes he isn’t receiving what he wants from it, and that is where he always makes a mistake.

“Chas steps in at that point and provides him with the kind of consolation and support he isn’t getting from anyone else. His biggest flaw is that.”

Will Kerry, who is notorious for starting fires that kill people, do it again as she tries to get rid of Chas?

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