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Theory from Coronation Street: Summer Spellman and Aaron Sandford will have children

Summer Spellman, a young character on CORONATION STREET, has been edging closer to Aaron Sandford in recent scenes on the ITV soap opera, but a new theory from suggests their relationship may not last.

On Coronation Street, Summer (played by Harriet Bibby) has been having difficulty lately as she attempts to cope with her diabetes diagnosis. She has become more conscious of how she looks as a result, and the young girl has taken extreme measures to prevent gaining weight. Aaron (James Craven) has been instrumental in helping her overcome her problems, but as their relationship develops on the ITV soap opera, the teenagers may have other things on their minds.

Following Friday night’s episode, in which the young people were about to have sex but Summer pushed Aaron away before anything happened, the drama continues.

She is reluctant to let him see her body for this reason, but Aaron reassures her that nothing must be done until she is ready.

By the end of the following week, Aaron calls his girlfriend to see how things are going and to ask if he should back off.

The young mechanic tells his partner they can still go on their vacation after realizing she still wants to be with him.

He tells her that he believes she needs to get some professional advice about how she views herself, but he has a few restrictions.

Aaron advises Summer to speak with a counselor and proceed with her recovery from there, and it appears that she is appreciative of the support he is providing.

The child may begin to see herself differently over the coming months and may gain confidence she has never had before.

This might motivate her to move forward in her relationship with Aaron, and they might end up spending a romantic evening together.

It appears there won’t be any more difficulties now that their fears have been allayed, but this could change if Summer begins to feel queasy.

Since Aaron is the only person Summer has ever had sex with, if she takes a pregnancy test, she might find out that she is carrying Aaron’s child.

Given that she recently admitted to Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) that she had no interest in attending college, she would be extremely concerned about what this would mean for her future.

She has been racking her brains over what she could do for the past few weeks, and she has finally settled on being a personal assistant at the Underworld Factory.

The two appear to be able to afford to have a child since Aaron recently obtained a job at the garage.

They may begin to realize they are going to bring a new life into the world as Summer tells Aaron the news.

However, they might be prepared to do so and become parents at a young age if they believe it will give them both a sense of purpose.

Billy believes Summer is still too young to have a child, so some other Weatherfield residents might not be as excited about the news.

Knowing that Summer has battled an eating disorder, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) would be concerned that being pregnant would be a trigger for her friend.

Will Summer and Aaron choose to ignore all of this worry and move forward with their plans to have children, or will they give in to the pressure of their loved ones’ concerns?

Producers wanted the character to be involved in more serious storylines, it was revealed when the actress who plays Summer, Harriet, was cast in the role.

One of these might involve a pregnancy plot, which might have been in the works ever since the recasting took place.

In an interview with The Sun, Harriet discussed her efforts to give the character a more mature appearance “She probably wants to seem a little older.

“She is very mature for her age, but she still seems like a young girl to me physically.

Summer ends up comparing herself to other people and wondering, “How can I make myself look prettier, or look older?” after comparing herself to Daisy while Asha and Amy are viewing Daisy’s Instagram.

She then applies a little eyeliner. Summer is the type of girl who makes an effort to apply makeup even though she doesn’t really know how.

She went on to say, “I think image is a big thing with a lot of young women, especially with influencers on social media.

You do compare yourself, and in my opinion, Summer’s diabetes journey has just begun. The medication you must take will also slightly alter your body, Harriet said.

And I believe that adds a little extra pressure, causing her to skip meals and other activities to possibly lose a little weight or feel a little better about herself.

The show could also highlight how someone with diabetes who is expecting manages to change their lifestyle to keep their blood sugars within range if Summer were to become pregnant.

Following his introduction a few months ago, Aaron might also be promoted to a series regular in this plot.

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