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These summer travel must-haves are each under $50 on Amazon

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Fun Amazon Finds Under $50 (July 2022)


Summer trips have arrived. Whether you’re traveling to faraway places or taking a well-deserved vacation, there are plenty of gadgets that can make your trip even more enjoyable. I’ve found you some of the best budget finds on Amazon designed for all kinds of travelers. I have personally tested and verified all of these items to make sure they are worth your hard earned money.

You must take photos when you travel. Comes with a super wide angle and macro lens that screws into the same mount. It’s great for single-lens phones if you’re not willing to spend big bucks upgrading just for more cameras. You can use it with Apple or Android phones with more than one camera, just position it on the main wide camera.

And it comes with a clip-on LED light, lanyard and polishing cloth? Magic! I can’t believe it’s only $40.

What is a vacation without music? This is a tiny 6.2 ounce Bluetooth speaker that you definitely need to find room for in your carry-on because it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s only $18 and the sound is quite impressive with rounded bass. Bonus points: it gets loud enough to fill a small room with music.

But it doesn’t stop there! It also acts as a remote shutter for your camera. It can even act as a speakerphone from a Windows PC when connected via USB.

Prefer a more familiar brand? The excellent JBL Go 3 dropped to $30 this summer. Otherwise, check out our full list of the best mini Bluetooth speakers.

Maybe you need a portable charger for your phone. But you also have an Apple Watch. There is no need to take multiple cords and chargers because the iWalk Apple Watch and phone charger are a double. Your watch magnetically snaps onto the charger, there’s an integrated lightning cable plus, an extra port for a second lightning input on the side.

With a capacity of 9000 mAh, it is enough to charge your watch several times or your phone 2 to 3 times depending on the model. But fear not if you also need to charge an Android or USB-C device, as it also has a USB-C in and out port on the side. There’s also a version without an Apple Watch charger for $29.

It looks like a simple piece of cardboard, but it folds into different configurations to hold a phone or tablet. Perfect for the tray table on the plane, the back of the seat in front of you, or just lounging around and watching a movie in bed.

Naturally, you need a bag to store all those gadgets, so why Matein’s? It’s built for your tech first and foremost with an integrated USB port on the side that leads to a USB-A cable inside. So you can plug in a portable power bank inside to keep your phone and other gadgets charged outside.

It has plenty of padding, especially for your laptop; it can easily fit a 15 inch. There’s also a secret back pocket so thieves can’t reach it when you’re carrying it on your back, plus a luggage strap to attach to carry-on luggage. It also seems much more expensive than $30.

Whether you’re traveling alone or enjoying added peace of mind when sleeping in a different location, this travel door alarm is the perfect personal security tool. Stick the metal prongs into the door while the door is closed, so if anyone tries to enter the prongs separate and hopefully deter the would-be thief with a 90dB alarm. It also has a light to keep an eye on your stuff and only costs $10.

Why bother with packing cubes when a vacuum pump can do the job? If you’re familiar with space bags, it’s the same concept, except you get a kit of four bags (two medium, two small) plus an electric pump to help compress everything. Now all you need are the clothes, shoes, or things you normally sit on your suitcase to pack.

When traveling away from home, you’ll probably agree that it’s the material comforts that you miss the most. If you got addicted to bidets during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, this is a portable bidet you can take with you. At $32, it runs on two included AAA batteries, with two intensity levels for flexibility.

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