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This week, there are 11 soap opera spoilers, including the Neighbours finale, Coronation Street Stu’s shocking secret, the EastEnders Zack attack, an Emmerdale scheme, and Hollyoaks’ departure.

Fans of soaps, grab your tissues! This week is going to be a game-changer.

This week in soaps is a difficult one because Neighbours, one of the best shows ever, is ending after 37 years.

You’re crying, not you.

This Friday, the legendary soap will air one special hour-long episode just for the fans, featuring a reunion of both old and new characters.

While Ben Mitchell’s attitude in EastEnders irritates Zack Hudson and leads to some violence, Stu Carpenter’s big secret will be revealed in Coronation Street.

Remember that you can watch all of this week’s outings on BBC iPlayer right now if you’re a fan of the Walford antics.

In Hollyoaks, DeMarcus Westwood is thinking about leaving after recent events, and Sandra is once again up to no good in Emmerdale.

The soap operas are about to experience a pivotal week in more ways than one, and is once again on the scene to cover all the must-see developments.

After 37 years, neighbors ends on a high note with the reunion of old friends.

It’s time to part ways.

The final episode of Neighbours will air this Friday at 9 p.m. in Ramsay Street, where there are plenty of good friends, both old and new. Expect love, laughter, and joy as old friends reunite just in time for Toadie and Melanie’s wedding in what is unquestionably the ideal farewell outing.

Coronation Street reveals Stu’s secret.

What is Stu’s big secret?

When Stu learns that Yasmeen has located Bridget’s address, he is enraged and scolds her for interfering. But Kelly implores him to attempt to get in touch with Bridget, so he does. Stu arrives at the address of his daughter and knocks. Stunned, Bridget panics and tells him to go. Assuring her that he has never hurt anyone, Stu begs her to give him a chance.

Zack makes an attack on EastEnders

Ben is punched by Zack, and Kathy jumps to his defense!

Ben asks Tez for drugs, but when Tommy picks him up from football, he finds the drugs. Ben is innocently made fun of by him. Ben, however, begs for them back adamantly. Later, Tommy tells Ben to throw the drugs away.

Zack notices Rocky trying to sell his old car, so he gives him a 24-hour grace period in the hopes that he can come up with the money to buy it back. He makes numerous attempts to obtain the money and even calls for loans, but his efforts are ineffective. Later, after Ben riles him up, Zack punches Ben to the ground in shocking scenes!

Release of Noah from prison in Emmerdale

Release of Noah from prison in Emmerdale

Charity is shocked to learn that Amelia visited Noah while he was imprisoned, and she questions her about it right away. However, the biggest surprise is yet to come when Charity learns that Noah will be released in just a few days. Later that week, Noah makes his way back from prison, but he avoids his mother!

Does DeMarcus flee in Hollyoaks?

Will DeMarcus remain or depart?

DeMarcus’ time runs out when shocking information about the knife crime investigation is revealed, and he decides it might be best to leave the village forever. Can his family persuade him to stay?

In Coronation Street, Kevin snaps.

Kevin gets angry.

When Jack gets into a fight at school, Kevin feels guilty because he is trying to balance all of his obligations. While Jack and then Abi call his mobile, he is working on fixing Stephen’s car while his attention is elsewhere. Stephen, unimpressed, makes a threat to take his business elsewhere, and Kevin loses his cool and starts smashing Stephen’s car with a wrench!

EastEnders police raid

Sam experiences a severe shock.

When Ben informs Phil that he should be concerned about her, Sam is compelled to address some important issues. Later that week, when the police arrive to search Peggy’s, she is focused elsewhere.

In Emmerdale, Sandra has a strategy for Rishi.

Sandra is misbehaving.

Unaware that Sandra is playing him because of his recent windfall, Rishi is astounded that a very interested woman responds to his new dating profile. When the woman cancels their meeting, Rishi is devastated, but Sandra steps in and offers to take her place. Later, when they return to his house, he shows Sandra the way to his bedroom! Sandra takes advantage of Rishi’s insecurity the following morning as he worries about how this will appear. He is where she wants him to be.

Hollyoaks is where Juliet makes her choice.

A decision is made.

Nadira wonders if her relationship with Shaq is passionate after hearing Juliet say some harsh words. She then uses a kiss to verify the theory. Lizzie learns during a startling conversation that Juliet hasn’t been loyal to her partner, but will she tell Peri? Juliet ultimately makes a startling decision regarding her choice.

Coronation Street features a visit for Audrey.

A visitor arrives for Audrey.

Audrey is visited by Becky, the hospital liaison for psychiatry, who gently questions Audrey about why she took so many sleeping pills. Audrey is happy to receive a call from Stephen informing her that he has returned as she leaves the hospital.

In EastEnders, Suki and Eve become closer.

Eve and Suki become closer.

On the day before the new doctor’s office opens, Eve supports Suki and suggests that they go to McClunky’s, where they eventually become friends over music. Suki invites Eve to her house and gives her a kiss after sensing a spark. The next day, however, Suki is aloof during the opening of the doctor’s office, much to Eve’s displeasure.


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