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Twitter reactions to Canadian teacher’s mask put United flight attendants to shame

A Canadian professor shamed a United Airlines flight attendant, but it backfired dramatically when he suffered a complete online meltdown.

Amir Attaran is a professor in the Faculties of Law and the School of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Ottawa. On Saturday, Attaran was on board a United Airlines flight from Ottawa to Chicago, Illinois. Attaran saw that one of the flight attendants was not wearing a face mask – which goes against Canada’s current travel restrictions which require travelers to wear face masks when departing from Canada.

Attaran took several photos of the stewardess and posted them on Twitter with the caption: “HHey @United, why are you breaking the law? Masks are mandatory on all flights departing from Canada. Your stewardess doesn’t wear one! It’s UA3737 in Ottawa right now.”

Attaran tried to get the flight attendant in trouble by tagging the official United Airlines Twitter account.

United Airlines replied on Twitter, “Hello Amir, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have notified the appropriate teams for further review.”

Additionally, Attaran tagged the official Twitter accounts of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Department of Transport, the air passenger rights organization, as well as Canadian news outlets Global News, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Globe and Mail.

Attaran spoke to the stewardess after he hid her on his Twitter account.

“In Chicago now. I had a friendly chat with the flight attendant and found out she was beyond reproach because @United misinformed her crew,” Attaran said. tweeted. “WTF, United? Look here: on flights leaving Canada, masks are mandatory throughout the journey.” FOLLOW THE LAW!”

The Canadian professor then called for United Airlines to be banned from operating in Canada over the mask violation.

“United should be banned from flying to Canada, immediately. Our country, our rules,” Attaran said. wrote in a post that tagged Omar Alghabra – Canada’s Transport Minister. “Even the supervisor I spoke to in Chicago didn’t understand that Canadian rules apply to flights departing from Canada.”

Attaran then whipped to Americans, “You don’t like Canada’s laws? So keep your American businesses in your own country. Our country, our rules. That’s why your COVID death rate is triple ours, a**holes. “

He added: “Canada is not the United States, motherfuckers.”

The professor then called the Republicans “death cult,” and boiled“See Americans, you go crazy about COVID safety and attack science and then you die. You drank GOP Kool Aid and it’s mass suicide, basically. In Canada we have does a lot better. So when you’re sulking and crying about our period – well, that’s kinda cute. Bring it back, motherfuckers.”

“Oh, and if you Republican Reptiles don’t like Canada’s COVID safety laws, you’ll TOTALLY HATE our gun safety laws – if you aren’t already shot and dead,” a- he launched feverishly. “Because the Yankees kill their own way more than the Canadians. Even the kids. It’s awful. I’m so glad I emigrated from California to Canada.”

For hours, Attaran raged on Twitter as he fought off anyone who criticized him for trying to shame the flight attendant.

Attaran even bragged about former President Donald Trump sex life and genitals.

Twitter reactions to Attaran’s mask shaming the flight attendant left the Canadian professor frustrated.

BlazeTV personality @ElijahSchaffer: “An adult posted this.”

Spokesperson for Governor Ron DeSantis Christina Pushaw: “Leave her alone. It’s beyond scary. A teacher taking pictures of a young worker to shame her. Maybe don’t fly if you can’t stand to see someone’s face.”

Journalist Yachar Ali: “Do you know what kind of hell flight attendants have been through during this pandemic? Facing constant harassment and bullying? And you post the picture of this poor woman and target her? And then admit later that she didn’t even know?”

art dealer Eli Klein: “Posting photos of someone publicly to report a mask violation and trying to get them fired/disciplined is unacceptable. Covid has really brought out the worst in people. Shame on you.”

Lawyer Preston Byrne: “More evidence of the proposition that no profession has lost more professional status because of social media than law professors.”

podcast host Hans Mahncke: “As @Elon Musk might say that at bottom, mask mandates are divisive, exclusionary and hateful. They basically give wicked people a shield to be wicked and cruel, armored in false virtue.”

Conservative activist Ned Ryun: “And vaxxed 4x, 3x boosted and triple masked and you should be totally bulletproof. . . Against a virus with over 99% survival rate. Be sure to travel with a binkie and support animal next time. Maybe that will lessen the trauma?”

Evolutionary behavior scientist Gad Saad:Every time this guy’s tweets landed on my feed, it reminds me that he’s an awful moron. He was dancing in pure orgiastic bliss when he learned that @jordanbpeterson was seriously ill. What could cause a person to be so constantly petty?”

Commentator Michael Malice: “I didn’t notice until now that Professor Karen literally called the cops for a black woman, and blames Trump fans for being reminded he’s a real scum.”

Journalist Derek Hunter:A liberal attacks a black woman in the hope that she will get fired. #Typical #Progressive.”

YouTuber Kelly Lamb: “Thank you Hall Monitor Attaran! You have probably literally saved thousands of lives by reporting this to the proper authorities. A courageous and truly selfless act.”

One Twitter user remarked: “I will never understand the mentality of people who blithely try to destroy other people’s lives just to earn some minor but imaginary “social credits”. Is there a more thirsty, whiny personality type out there?”

Last year, Attaran was suspended from Twitter for attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for not rolling out COVID-19 vaccines for children fast enough for his liking.

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