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Valve is doubling Steam Deck shipments, so you might get yours faster

Valve is doubling the number of Steam Decks it ships to customers, the company announced on Monday. “Production has resumed, and after today we will be shipping more than double the number of Steam Decks each week!” Valve said in a tweet from the official Steam Deck account. And in response to a question from my colleague Sean Hollister, Valve designer Lawrence Yang explained the change more clearly: “in previous weeks we ship x units/week to customers, starting this week we will ship 2x units/week.”

If you eagerly refresh your inbox every Monday and Thursday for the chance to order your Steam Deck reservation, the increased production could be a sign that you might be able to purchase your device sooner than expected. . My own booking hasn’t changed from its Q3 estimate on the Steam Deck Steam page, but maybe now that email will come in at the start of the quarter. And if you’re in that Q3 window as well, you should start keeping an eye on your inbox on June 30, as Valve said the first Q3 order emails will go out then.

You’ll want to keep a close eye on this email, as Valve only gives you 72 hours to finalize an order once it’s submitted. If you miss this window, Valve suggests you contact Steam support – the company recently clarified that it offers a “few days” grace period.

The Steam Deck remained at the top of the Steam charts for nine of the past 11 weeks, according to SteamDB. This ranking tracks the top sellers by turnover — given that the Steam Deck starts at $399, a few Steam Deck orders can equal many sales of any individual game – but it still indicates that Valve is selling portable gaming PCs as fast as it can make them. and there was a lot of demand.

But it still has a lot of catching up to do: An unofficial tracker compiled by Reddit user Fammy suggests Valve is still filling orders for the premium 512GB model in the UK from the first hour they go on sale in July 2021. According to this tracker, Valve is still filling day one’s worth of reservations in the US as well.

While Steam Deck production has increased, the official dock was delayed earlier this month from its “late spring” release schedule. But when it does arrive, it will have upgraded specs from what Valve originally announced.

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