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We’ve got the receipts: Rolling Stone’s Hit Piece Calls “What’s a Woman?” Transphobic, but its author has watched 0% of the film

Rolling Stone has characterized the new Daily Wire documentary “What is a Woman?” as “transphobic” – but the play’s author hasn’t even watched the movie.

And Matt Walsh has the receipts to prove it.

Rolling Stone’s bestselling article claimed the film – in which Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh turns the gender ideology movement upside down by asking a simple question – is “transphobic” and criticized film companies. social media for letting The Daily Wire run ads promoting it.

Yet after the article was published, Walsh cut the wind from Rolling Stone’s sails by showing that The Daily Wire had invited the article’s author, Moises Mendez II, to watch the documentary earlier this week. Mendez watched 0% of the movie before drawing his conclusion – and locked his Twitter account after Walsh called him.

Elisabeth Garber-Paul – the editor of Rolling Stone’s best-selling article – managed to squeeze through the first 11% of the film before she shed light on Mendez’s article.

“I would like Rolling Stone to explain how they came to these damning conclusions when they haven’t watched the movie,” Walsh said. asked. “Do they get into the habit of seeing films again without watching them? How many other reviews have been written this way? Or is mine the first? If yes, why?”

Rolling Stone’s would-be critics are by no means the first progressives to refuse to watch “What’s a Woman?” – which currently boasts an audience score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Last week, The Daily Wire invited many film critics to see the film – but many responded with profanity and accusations of “transphobic” bigotry.

“Unsubscribe. Lose my email. Forget my name,” one cried.

“Difficult pass. I will not give this transphobic bigot a platform on my site,” shouted another. “Never email me again!”

” Absolutely not. He’s a fanatic and you should be ashamed to be associated with him,” insisted a third. “Have a good week-end!”

“Yeah, I don’t review a fanatic’s movie,” another chimed in.

Alyssa Cordova, vice president of public relations and publishing for Daily Wire, which sent out the emails seeking reviews of the film, acknowledged that “if we received any criticism as a result of this pitch, many – even most – would be extremely bad”. But she was surprised that even film critics are “so ideologically hollow that they can’t stand watching the film to give it a bad review”.

Those who watched “What is a woman? — which is available on demand to Daily Wire subscribers — perhaps don’t be surprised that so-called “experts” neglect to even engage with ideas that challenge their worldview. In the film, Walsh sits down with medical professionals, activists, lawmakers, and many other proponents of radical gender theory — only to repeatedly come up against deviations and character accusations.

“The left can’t help but prove the interest of the film”, Walsh noticed. “They’re too terrified to even look at it.”

Despite progressives mischaracterising the film, disrupting its premiere via a cyberattack, or outright pretending it doesn’t exist, the premiere of “What’s a Woman?” again helped The Daily Wire add more paying subscribers than on any other day in its history.

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