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Why the Corsair One i300 might just be the perfect gaming PC

(Pocket-lint) – When you think of a gaming PC, especially if it’s a pre-built computer, chances are you’re picturing a tall computer tower, the kind that would occupy a huge slice of space whether it’s above a desk or below.

Although these types of constructions are popular for their simple layout and can contain many components, they are not the only way. Few PCs demonstrate this more perfectly than Corsair’s One i300, a gaming PC that redefines the amount of space you demand from high-quality graphics. Here’s why you should consider getting this pre-built masterpiece rather than building your own computer puzzle.


Breathtaking size

The main title on the One i300 is pretty obvious – it’s remarkably small, still a tower in orientation but will take up considerably less space above or below your desk, leaving you free to move around your decor or yourself without compromise.

That puts it in the same category as a home console like the Xbox Series X, rather than a full-fledged gaming PC, something that stands out every time you see one. It just shouldn’t be able to cram the specs it handles! Yet, most importantly, it comes fully assembled. Building your own compact PC can be extremely difficult, which is why it’s good to count on the experts at Corsair to do it for you.

wonderful case

Size is one thing, but we also think the One i300 really does look great – it’s got welcome RGB lighting on the outside that you can customize with Corsair’s industry-leading iCue software to be as loud or as subtle as you want, leaving everything up to you.

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A matte finish means it can easily blend into the background, while the design means the components can perform their best even in a small footprint, something many PC builders would struggle to accomplish in their own domestic constructions.

The Ray Tracing Giant

Of course, compact PCs exist outside of the One i300 – it’s the specs it brings to the form factor that are truly impressive. You get a liquid-cooled Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, the type of graphics card most PC builders drool over, lined up perfectly inside. This means you’ll enjoy the very latest in graphics power, including the all-important photorealism of ray-traced lighting.

Your CPU is an Intel Core i9-12900K, which is also a total beast, and with an NVMe SSD for your data storage, load times are minimized and you’ll spend as much time as possible playing, instead of waiting. progress bars to fill and levels to load.

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Awesome cooling

In a mini-ITX case like this, you might worry that thermals might be an issue, but Corsair has done a stellar job of making sure the One i300 doesn’t just avoid those issues, it gets through extremely well with the air intake. The case has smart vents built in to pull cool air through your components, while the number of fans that sit in the case is truly impressive.

It’s that kind of attention to detail that can be hard to manage if you’re building the PC yourself, especially in such a compact case, and we think it all comes together to make the Corsair One i300 an option to keep. breathtaking if you want a more compact gaming PC. Check it out on Corsair’s online store to learn more and order one yourself.

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